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( MIAL)  BY S. C. YUAN "

It is a privilege to write about Mildred.  We were close personal friends for half a century and our friendship gave much beauty and importance to my life.   In addition to the many times we were together we had weekly hour-long telephone conversations.  Mildred was a gifted conversationalist and we explored every subject “under the sun,” but especially Medicine, Art,  and above all, our families.   

Mildred had a natural dignity about her.  Her regal bearing and depth of interest in the world universally inspired confidence.  I like to think of her in the latter years of her life thoroughly enjoying her high rise San Francisco apartment with  its commanding view of the Pacific ocean and Golden Gate Bridge.  She truly belonged to a  heroic area, to a place for people with stature.  I will always be grateful for our friendship.  

           Winifred Appleby, life long friend 

"I met Mildred Albronda sometime about 1980.  At that time, I was director of Petersen Galleries, in Beverly Hills, and we were the leading specialist-dealer in California Impressionism, 1890-1930.  I had advertised a large, superb painting by Granville Redmond entitled "Passing Shadows" and she graciously wrote me a letter and included wonderfully relevant historical data for my painting.  We became fast friends and colleagues, as we shared mutual interests in Granville Redmond and in American Sign Language, in which I have a barely passing capability.  Mildred was a sweet, generous person and a great scholar, and always the first one I turned to for specific Redmond information.  The Irvine Museum has a large representation of paintings by Redmond in our collections and I think of her every time I see one.  She would be pleased to see how her scholarly work has contributed to our knowledge and appreciation of Granville Redmond."
           Jean Stern  Executive Director  The Irvine Museum

"Mildred was my friend for most of her adult life.  I was always impressed with her success whatever she was doing ,
especially her painting.
     I treasure the watercolor I have of hers of the Golden Gate."

          Mary Graw, lifelong friend and classmate at the University of California , San Francisco, class of 1939.

"Mildred Albronda opened the world of art to the Deaf in the San Francisco Bay Area by serving as a Docent and inviting Deaf people to enjoy the art treasurers being displayed.  From her beginning as a Docent giving access to Deaf people, she immersed herself in Deaf History and has written several books that shed light on the contribution of some noteworthy Deaf Californians.  Her work on behalf of the Deaf will live forever.  Her spirit of service to the Deaf has prompted others to take up the yoke of making art and museums accessible to the Deaf. "


          Dr. Hank Klopping   Superintendent,   California School for the Deaf – Fremont.



Mildred Albronda in one of those people who leave the rest of us astonished. I knew that she was as accomplished and insightful writer--whose heart was as great as her talent-- She was also a painter, and not just a painter, but a painter whose images pull in your senses and satisfy your heart. I feel really lucky to have known her.

          Cathryn Carroll, Managing Editor   Laurent Clerc National Deaf Education Center   Gallaudet University   Washington, DC 


I met Mildred  in November of 1947 and from then on we became very dear and close friends. We shared many wonderful experiences together. During the time she was painting, we took some classes together and I enjoyed watching her progress. We both shared an interest in our genealogy and because of her I became a member of  a long standing American Woman's Organization.  Her work with the deaf so impressed me that I submitted papers to my chapter  where she received the  Medal of Honor for her outstanding work. This medal is the most prestigious honor awarded. The recipient must have shown extraordinary qualities of leadership, trustworthiness, service, and patriotism and must have made unusual and lasting contributions to our American heritage.. ( Mildred Albronda’s   ancestors arrived on the River James  in Virginia in 1614 ). After Mildred died, her daughter, Jeanne, came to us and asked if we would adopt her – we are now blessed with two wonderful families..-------------------------

           Mrs. Claire Liska, life long friend and adopted family of Jeanne Albronda




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