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MIAL, (“Name de Brushe”), ARTIST

  Mildred Marie Albronda   1912-1998


Mildred Albronda is stellar within my pantheon of heroes and heroines. She was an extraordinarily thorough and lucid art historian; moreover, she was willing to share her work with others. I came to know her in 1997 when she graciously provided me a copy of a chapter from her remarkable (but, sadly, unpublished) manuscript, Granville Redmond, 1871 – 1935, Painter of Silence and Solitude. (This document, of course, was the basis for the essay published in the Oakland Museum’s catalogue of its 1988-9 exhibit on the artist.) Typical of her self-effacing manner, I was then unaware of her talent and success as an artist in her own right. It is now evident to me that it was this ability as an artist which enabled her to provide such insightful discussions of Redmond's paintings.

Among Mildred's numerous records and documents archived in the Bancroft Library is a small spiral notebook. Among its entries is the following:
“The White Rabbit put on his spectacles: ‘Where shall I begin, please your Majesty?’ he asked.
‘Begin at the beginning,’ the King said, gravely, ‘and go on till you come to the end: then stop.’”
In her work on Redmond, she fully adhered to this whimsical Lewis Carroll aphorism and did so with great style and substance.
            An anonymous collector who is passionate about pursuing paintings’ history 

     “I like to feel that I can share how I feel about what I see and what I am able to put down on canvas, with others.”

     MIAL, Mildred Albronda , sold more than 400 paintings during her prolific 12 years as a fine art painter.  An art class in 1960 with Warren Brandon was her first serious attempt  to begin painting. This web site is intended to be a comprehensive overview of her work for the public and those interested in art.

     MIAL was a member of , The Society of Western Artists, The Marin society of Artists, San Francisco Woman’s Artists and later a Board Member, and The Diversified Art League.

     In, 1962, MIAL,  became an owner, partner in an art gallery in San Francisco, on the corner of Webster and Filbert , one block off of Union Street called DAL Gallery or Diversified Art League Gallery. Here she sold and rented 100’s of her paintings. She resigned in 1967.

     Best known for her oil paintings of  the San Francisco Bay and surrounding area MIAL also liked the Monterey Bay area , Mendacino Coast , Angwin,  California (White Cottage Ranch), Golden Gate Park, and her beloved Edgewood Avenue in San Francisco.

     From her  early art showings on the fence at Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco and having TWO paintings on exhibit in the De Young Museum of San Francisco MIAL believed she had accomplished her goal as a fine artist .

     MIAL had art lessons and inspiration from the following artist teachers:
Warren Brandon, Arthur Palmer, Peter Blass, Richard Yip, Jade Fong, George Post and S. C. Yuan, of Monterey.


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